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A fresh start for the OAFL?

June 2010


We here I am with my first rant for 2010. It seems a few people have been waiting to see what I have to rant about this year. Nice to know that for my efforts, people are actually reading these.


I had a lot of ideas of what would be my first rant for the year but in the end came up with one that I thought most appropriate. I’m going to discuss how I think the league will shape up this year.


This year seemed to have started in a very positive way. This year we’ll have a brand new board in place and a lot of people putting their hand up to be involved and help out. Things are very active in the board and with all the clubs in the league.


One of the many problems last year was that things were poorly organised and planned. It’s good to see that the league has also started planning early this year.


It was great to see the 2010 schedule out nice and earlier though would have been nice to see a few more clubs get some home games and a few less getting so many in a row. But people make the effort to volunteer their time to do this so can’t really complain.

Word has it that they have already planned the grand final location, the awards night date, Canada Day carnival and an international game weekend. This is fantastic to see and really shows the league there’s some structure this year.


So I guess you’re thinking what’s there to rant about then. Well with all these positives there are still a few negatives. There are two major ones in my opinion.


My first would be the fiasco of game day volunteers such as boundary umpires, time keepers, scoreboard, etc. It seems these tasks are no longer required in the league, as most teams are supplying their own for their own games. What happen to the scheduling system from last year, where other teams were required to supply these volunteers? 


It was interesting to see teams asking other teams who had just finished playing if they could supply these volunteers when they didn’t even both to volunteer for their game. It seems that everyone is in disarray. 


The OAFL needs to re-implement a schedule, so all the clubs understand what they are required to do on game days. They will also need to make sure there is a consequence if a club doesn’t follow their schedule. I know for the past few years there has been a rule in which an offending club will lose a player for the next match, which may seem harsh to many but I think is a good way to prevent clubs from not providing volunteers.


My second negative would be the issue the league is having with marking of the Humber North ground. I would have thought this would have been organised at least a few weeks before the start of the season. Also, as with the volunteer’s schedule, there was a schedule last year for teams to follow to up keep the ground over the course of the year. This too has disappeared.


Here’s hoping this two issues can be resolved as soon as possible.


Well there’s my first rant for the year, hopefully it’s a good discussion point. Oh and once again it seems people still think I’m either Jean Grey or the Phantom. I find it just as amusing this year as I did the last, I guess my names the only one they know. Seriously all I can tell them is obviously you not very social around the league, as you would more than likely by now know who they are.



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